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eCALL IVS nomadSOS developing team information updates

-          dragos@2014-09-30 ==> nomadSOS eCALL IVS prototypes for MNO routing testing version- emergency call setup - all MNO's can need for eCALL routing testing - unique market features!
This special eCALL IVS version has been launch on August 2014, by R&D Software Solutions, and has been design to cover all MNOs testing needs for emergency calls detection and proper routing.
In the context of eCALL startup, all European MNOs must comply with the new eCALL flag routing standard. eCALL flags are of a subset (bit 6 and bit 7) of emergency setup / service category set defined in 3gpp24008. Service category bit 6 (manual eCALL flag) and service category bit 7 (automatic eCALL flag) must be set (value 1) by the eCALL IVS in the emergency setup (112 call) procedure, in order to comply with EN 16062 and EN 15722 eCALL standards
Our new nomadSOS eCALL IVS prototypes for carrier routing testing version has been designed in order to comply all eCALL flag testing features and beyond of that, suporting ALL 3gpp24008 emergency setup / service category bits combination! All standard testing eCALL features has been preserved, offering to the mobile operators, eCALL PSAP and eCALL testbed system providers one priceless eCALL "Swiss Army Knife".

3gpp24008 emergency call setup and eCALL flag testing features:
* configurable emergency bits (“service category” - as stated in 3gpp24008 / table 10.5.135d)
* emergency call setup (voice only - not eCALLs) with “service category” bits present - as above
* emergency call setup (eCALLs) with eCALL FLAG + “service category” bits present - as above
* emergency call setup (voice only - not eCALLs) without “service category” bits present
* 112 dial eCALLs without emergency setup

eCALL testing features:
* USB serial link (9600bps,8N1) for admin mode / logging mode - on line eCALL and other event logs are exported over serial link
* configurable eCALL mode (112/long number with or without manual and automatic eCALL flag enabled)
* configurable VIN
* configurable vehicle type
* configurable FUEL type (up to simultaneous 2)
* configurable long number
* call back support
* MSD packing with or without time & position synchronization
* time synchronization: GSM first(NTZ) -where available, GPS second synchronization
* configurable GSM codec
* configurable audio digital path parameters, TX/RX gain
* other..

Get your eCALL IVS with 3gpp24008 emergency setup/service category features ==>

-          dragos@2014-09-01 ==> eCall posponed (again!?)- things work in European projects! :))
As you probably know, the European Parliament votes draft legislation setting up the eCall system. Fine, but again the eCALL deadline has been posponed!
The European automatic crash notification system -eCall- is to be fitted to all new models of cars and light vans in the European Union by October 2015 (the final date for car manufacturers to be ready to install eCall devices in new car models). In order to meet the industry’s request for more time to develop and test the system, the European Parliament left open the possibility of postponing this deadline (rumours say: "the end of 2016").
On the PSAP and MNO side, Member States must have the infrastructure capable to handle eCalls in place no later than no later than October, 1'st 2017. This means that all MS must have the PSAPs eCALL ready and the MNOs (mobile network operators) must be capable to proper identify, handle and route the eCALLs (eCALL flag support).

Bellow are some "eCALL" points about (almost) no one speaks:
* the GALILEO system developed by EU and requested for eCALL possible not to be ready on time, I think... Two new sattelites failed proper launch in August- the carrier rocket was "Europeanized version!!?? of Russia’s" Soyuz. The failure reason: "hydrazine fuel line was installed too close to a supercold helium line". In this simple way, our eastern "friendly neighbours" delays us a while. watch Galileo 5-6 launch. The fully deployed Galileo system will consists of 27 operational and 3 active spares satellites (estimated date: 2019).
* eCALL SIMs specification not ready- type, numbering schema, where, when, how to...
* lack of regulation regarding voice codecs that may be used on eCALL channels
* eCALL certifications regulations and specifications are not completed

-          dragos@2014-04-28 ==> nomadSOS eCALL IVS prototypes for infrastructure testing- short success story regarding panEuropean eCALL interoperability testing
We've complete first eCALL interoperability testing phase with Bulgarian PSAP with best results (remote international number access and local 112 emergency channel with eCALL flag enabled).
Under our IVSs tests session support, the local MNO M-TEL Bulgaria, together with Bulgarian 112 emergency services, finally set and do the first tests for the enabled eCALL flag implementation for roaming SIMs and prepaid SIMs.
eCALL over 112 emergency channel with eCALL FLAG test conditions:
* car embarked IVSs (hw versions: m2.21 and m4.14, fw versions: 1.45+ infrastructure testing module) in Russe area, Bulgaria.
* under roaming SIM used: RO Vodafone (prepay), RO Orange (prepay), RO Orange (regular voice plan type)
* roaming 112 emergency services provided by M-TEL Bulgaria (284 01)
* domestic SIM used: BG M-TEL (prepay)

-          dragos@2014-02-28 ==> GREECE eCALL PSAP - panEuropean eCALL interoperability test
We've complete second eCALL interoperability testing phase with Greece PSAP with best results over remote international number access.
eCALL test conditions:
* in lab IVS (hw versions: m4.14, fw versions: 1.45+).
* test SIM used: RO Orange (prepay).

-          dragos@2014-01-14 ==> nomad eCALL IVS project status and path
Our eCall IVS design is very near of the production phase launch! If you intend to invest in eCALL business, this is the right moment. We are looking for partners! What we search for:
* Investors for IVS for retrofit manufacturing and IVS marketing.
* European distributors and partners for eCALL IVS retrofit market.
* European and outside Europe private eCALL(private emergency centers) & TPS(third part services) investors are welcome. YES, we can provide to you INTEGRATED(ALL) eCALL chain technology!
* OEM automotive companies. Let's talk straightly: implementation of our eCALL IVS technology or using our eCALL IVS know how can conduct to additional millions Euros in your pocket without compromising your products resilience, and same time you will be able to provide BIG savings for your clients! I will give you one example: Let's say Dacia, BMW, Ford or Nissan will deliver to the European market between half million and two million units per year. Taking into account a pricing difference for the IVS around 10 Euros- normal, our eCALL IVS cost is lower-, the yearly amount in discussion is placed somewhere between 4.000.000-20.000.000 Euros! HMM, Interesting....but, I tell you, the difference can be bigger.
And YES, we can:
* design eCALL systems at your convenience (target: public or private emergency centers).
* provide eCALL IVSs prototypes for testing purposes to selected partners.
* provide eCALL and eCALL IVS consultancy.
* transfer our eCALL IVSs technology or supports your efforts on eCALL IVS development and cost reduction.
* ...anyway, any eCALL enquiry - just name it, WE CAN!

Inquiries and details:

-          dragos@2013-12-14 ==> nomad eCALL IVS only version news
NEW eCall IVS ONLY/PTD version with firmware v1.45, provides improved functionality:
* new improved version decrease the processing time "from EVENT to DIAL event", typically under 2 seconds.
* the audio interface provides best sound quality.
* local admin interface provides eCALL IVS parameters update method, like: VIN, engine fuel, vehicle type, long (test mode) PSAP number, audio parameters.
* eCALL IVS session logging.
* new versatile mode for mix and match additional services (Eg.: fleet management, personal tracking device, other...).
* additional sensor interfaces integrated into the platform(Eg. temperature, iButton, ADC, digital inputs, etc...).
* same form factor, INTERESTING PRICES!

-          dragos@2013-12-12 ==> nomad eCALL IVS only version performance tests
NEW eCall IVS ONLY/PTD version, with improved firmware( v1.45), was tested over Romanian PSAP in November 28'th => December 12'th period. Veeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy good performances reached!
  28.11 05.12 06.12 TOTAL
ecall IVS => PSAP RO calls 15 31 35 81
1'st MSD (right after connect) transmission success 15 31 34 80
1'st MSD (right after connect) transmission success / calls % 100% 100% 97.14% 98.77%
MSD transmission success including retry 15 31 35 81
MSD transmission success including retry / calls % 100% 100% 100% 100%
total MSD atempts ("push after connect" + "retry MSD from PSAP") 15 38 38 91
MSD transmission success 15 38 37 90
MSD transmission success / total MSD atempts % 100% 100% 97.37% 98.90%

RO Orange network(RO Orange prepay SIM), long PSAP access number used in tests. Average PSAP MSD reception time, measured from the PSAP answer event was under 7 seconds. The average MSD transmission time, measured from the EVENT time to PSAP's AL-ACK:0 event (PSAP triggered- MSD received, continue with voice channel) was under 16 seconds. In our permanent effort to fulfill the eCALL "saving lives" target, the new improved version decrease the processing time "from EVENT to DIAL event", typically under 2 seconds.

Dragos Iosub in preparation for Bucharest eCALL HeERO final conference

-          dragos@2013-11-23 ==> nomad eCALL IVS and Bucharest eCALL HeERO final conference, November 21-22, 2013. Romania the eCALL technology leader!!...The eCALL world learn to speak Romanian

Our eCall IVS platform pass with success live MSD transmission tests over 112 emergency channel (prioritized channel), performed at Bucharest eCALL HeERO final conference live eCALL exhibition, in the front of more than 250 participants (European officials, technicians and specialists involved in eCALL development and deployment) and press!
The eCALL PSAP infrastrusture support was provided by Romanian PSAP("Special Telecommunications Service" / "Serviciul de Telecomunicatii Speciale" - STS)- the most advanced PSAP implementation worldwide . The GSM emergency communication channel (112 with enabled eCALL flag) was provided by Orange Romania(22610) and Digi Mobil Romania(22605).

See more >>> eCALL press release

Special thanks to Mr. Dan Stancu for this picture! team at eCall Days Germany 2013, intoducing nomadSOS eCALL IVS prototypes

-          dragos@2013-07-30 ==> nomad eCALL IVS @ eCall Days Germany 2013, Berlin 26 and 27 September 2013
European and outside Europe eCALL stakeholders and leaders meets team. eCALL tests and simulation performed at eCall Days Germany 2013 exhibition.

Test your eCALL PSAP infrastructure using our eCALL compliant nomadSOS eCALL IVS prototypes. Performance, affordable prices and 3 months hardware (electrical) warranty. Order==>

Special thanks to Mr. Minoru Nakamura from YRP (Yokosuka Research Park) for the event picture!

-          dragos@2013-07-22 ==> nomad eCALL IVS and GALILEO and GPS+GLONASS GNSS positioning tests
Our eCall IVS platform first live test for GPS+GLONASS GNSS positioning pass with success! Combined GNSS satellites (GPS+GLONASS) usage provide better position accuracy and better 1'st fix time. First tests made for Galileo positioning satellites receive, was made on September 17'th, using the same GNSS platform as used in Glonass+GPS tests. We had successfully track GALILEO FM2 satellite. Seems that we are on the right track, just waiting for Galileo system to become operational! :)...and this, without even a cent add in final product pricing!

-          dragos@2013-07-16 ==> nomad eCALL IVS @ eCALL TestFestII Essen
We have been performed 74 eCALL interoperability tests with 10 PSAP implementations (4 real: Croatia eCALL PSAP, Czech Republic eCALL PSAP, Luxemburg eCALL PSAP and Greece eCALL PSAP, and also, with 6 PSAPs under private development). Also, we performed only one additional test with Italy PSAP (they being at very beginning at that time).
We can proudly state: we performed ALL interoperability eCALL tests supported by each PSAP, achieving 100% success rate!

-          dragos@2013-07-10 ==> We are ready for eCALL! Are you ready? Are you competitive? We are, you can be! Meet us in Germany, in September, and see us at work:
nomad eCALL IVS @ eCALL TestFest 9-13 September, Essen, Germany
nomad eCALL IVS @ eCALL Days Germany 26-27 September, Berlin, Germany
Contact Dragos Iosub and nomadSOS eCALL IVS developing team, in advance, on email: or by phone: +40745611611.

-          dragos@2013-07-10 ==> nomad eCALL IVS is ready for deployment or for eCALL IVS technology transfer
We are ready for eCALL! Are you ready? Cut your integration time and costs using our technology. Our IVS platform has already pass the eCALL interoperating tests with best results! Keep in mind: basic hardware platform was tested in field for over 18 months!
And last but not least: our eCALL IVS pricing! You will be verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy satisfied! Guaranteed (don't target for that 50Euro above picture, think far lower)!

-          dragos@2013-07-08 ==> real environment concurrent eCALL tests over Netherlands, Germany and Romanian PSAP
Testing one nomadSOS eCALL IVS car enbarked, with special feature supporting selection for 1 PSAP active number, from 3 numbers stored, over Romanian roads, on following route and nearby. In other words, we made tests with Netherlands, Germany and Romanian PSAP, in (almost) same environment condition (same IVS, same firmware, same prepaid RO ORANGE SIM card, almost same GPS and GSM network condition).
Again, we reach very good results! Almost 98% MSD transmission success rate, at first try(Germany and Netherlands, PUSH only mode supported by the PSAP) and 100% over Romanian PSAP(23 tests - direct and CALL BACK, PUSH and PULL mode and bi-directional voice sessions)!
Comparing Netherlands and Germany logs (eliminating from analyze values with big statistical deviation, as eCALL session performed at 8/7/2013 17:50:28), we obtain following average values:
EVENT 2 1'st ring TM EVENT 2 MSD TM 1'st ring 2 MSD TM START 2 MSD TM  
00:42 00:48 00:06 00:03 NL PSAP (23 tests)
00:19 00:26 00:07 00:05 GE PSAP (27 tests)
Notice the big difference between values on first and second column (caused by big latencies on commercial mobile connection to Netherlands PSAP access numbers...the connection time to Netherlands landline number is bigger with ~20sec comparing with Germany connection time)!

-          dragos@2013-07-03 ==> >Netherlands PSAP 1'st interoperability eCALL test session. We encounter very big latencies on commercial mobile connection to Netherlands PSAP access numbers(RO ORANGE => NL landlines), but after some parameters adjustments (like network 1'st ring timeout and PSAP answer waiting time) the testing session succeed! This kind of mobile network behavior will never happen over prioritized e112 environment! Same eCALL PSAP engine implementation as GERMANY one (very fast MSD processing time, but supports only MSD PUSH at this moment).

-          dragos@2013-06-19 ==> eCALL FLAG first test session @ORANGE RO labs(with RO PSAP support). Our eCALL IVS engine correctly set "EMERGENCY SETUP MESSAGE FLAGS" (bit 7 for AUTO, and 6 for MANUAL) at RO ORANGE radio (test) cell level!

-          dragos@2013-06-10 ==> GNSS enhancement planed
nomadSOS eCALL IVS development team decided to enhance eCALL IVS GNSS support, in order to enable GALILEO / GALILEO+EGNOS and GLONASS / GPS+GLONASS latitude and longitude data acquisition with better available precision and bigger availability. Starting from primary target of the eCALL project, saving human lives, and from our previous GNSS experience (GPS+EGNOS), we will enhance our IVS performances further. We estimate our first eCALL IVS prototype supporting additional GPS+GLONASS GNSS positioning in September 2013. At short time after that, we estimate the availability for our eCALL IVS prototype with support for GALILEO / GALILEO+EGNOS positioning, even GALILEO constellation count an mind blowing of 4 satellites, at this moment (we just preparing for the moment when GALILEO system will be fully operational).

-          dragos@2013-05-26 ==> First Germany PSAP testing session succeed! Very effective eCALL PSAP engine implementation, but GERMANY PSAP supports only direct MSD sending(MSD PUSH), and no CALL BACK method, at this time! We reach ~98% success transmission rate with MSD transmission time placed always between 4-6 sec. (measured between PSAP line pick up and final HLACK send). Some timestamp and FuelStorage MSD coding bugs removed. Soon we will start tests over Netherlands PSAP!

-          dragos@2013-04-15 ==> we will move forward to a new eCALL interoperability testing level! We launch interoperability tests request with Germany, Netherlands and Italy PSAPs!

-          dragos@2013-03-20 ==> after removing some initial minor bugs, we are now in business! Hundreds on tests over Romanian PSAP, in several sessions, pass- direct and call back tests (both PULL and PUSH MSD mode), with MSD transmission success rate over 95% at first try (all succeeded on FAST MSD mode), almost 100% at retry (PSAP request MSD retransmission)

-          dragos@2013-02-15 ==> soon we will start testing our nomadSOS eCALL IVS platform over Romanian PSAP. Romania is 1'st EU country with real eCALL PSAP implementation at this moment!

-          dragos@2013-01-20 ==> now we use GNSS enabled algorithms, based on GPS + EGNOS. eCALL IVS positioning precision was visible improved, especially in hard GPS environments as "urban jungle"

-          dragos@2013-01-10 ==> we've made tones of eCALL tests done last year, based on our "home brew" PSAP. We will move forward to test our eCALL IVS technology over real PSAPs

Additional information, demo and pricing information are available on request. You can contact Dragos Iosub and R&D Software Solutions srl on email: or by phone: +40745611611.

press & video news@Bucharest eCALL HeERO final conference, November 21-22, 2013 letter to investors

eCALL IVS presentation v1.0(pdf).
eCALL IVS specification datasheet v1.2(pdf) *NEW*.



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