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About eCALL

eCall is an initiative of the EC aiming to bring fast assistance for the drivers that are involved in an accident, anywhere within the European Union, based on the E112 public services. This initiative targets the implementation of a special device (eCALL IVS) installed in all vehicles. This device will automatically dial 112 in case of a severe accident. When the eCall IVS equipment installed on the vehicle's board detects a violent impact as the result of an accident, an emergency 112 call is automatically started towards the closest emergency center and the coordinates and other information are automatically sent. The eCall can be also manually initiated by pushing a button from the car’s board. Regardless the eCall is initialized automatically or manually, first it sends a minimal set of data (MSD), after a voice channel between the car and the emergency center is activated. In this way, any passenger of the vehicle, capable of answering the questions, can provide additional information about the accident to the emergency service center.


According to the estimations, the implementation of the eCall service at European level can accelerate the response time of the emergency services by 40% in the urban areas and by 50% in the rural areas.




The eCall market

The European Commission imposed to the member and associated countries the target of implementation of eCall service, entirely functional, on the whole EU, until 2015. However, all new vehicles, commercialized starting with 2015, have the obligation of being equipped with eCall IVS devices.


The new car European market, for the entire 2013 year (evaluation based on the study of the sale from January to June 2013), is estimated at 11,7 millions of units, according to: Considering the forecasted decrease of 5% per year, results a potential market around the value of 10.6 million units, for 2015.


The second market as importance, the one so-called “retrofit market“, which consist in fit-out the existing cars with eCall IVS equipments (combined or not with additional services, like: Fleet Management, stolen cars locator, etc...), is evaluated at least 10 millions units at European level.



These two markets, can be expanded, in the new vehicles market, by extending the usage of this standard (European eCall being considered as “de facto” standard world wide) in other geographically areas (USA, China, India, Brazil, etc…), as for the “retrofit” segment, by offering new private complex services that include services eCall-like (eg.: insurance, enhanced Fleet Management, etc…).




eCALL and R&D Software Solutions

nomadSOS by is 100% original hardware and software solution designed by R&D SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS srl, an SME founded in 2001. Since its beginning, the company works as solution provider, incorporating electronic and IT technologies with their own concepts and innovating ideas, offering to the market smart and cost-effective solutions. Deeply involved in innovation, R&D SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, received in 2006 the ”GST SSC Bronze Award” as the acknowledgement for its innovative idea as a result for the participation at the European contest organized by GST (Global Systems for Telematics– an European initiative, leaded by ERTICO-ITS, which encourages the development and the implementation of the intelligent transport systems (ITS). GST was a project developed in FP6, which involved a consortium of important players from car manufactures and from telecom industry. Starting with 2003, R&D SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS design vehicle electronics and software solutions: GPS tracking devices (now at the third generation), data loggers and car-sharing solution, based on GPRS or SMS or DTMF communication technologies.


In November 2011, R&D Software Solutions start eCall IVS prototype design. In March 2012, the first prototype version was released and until November 2012, we made environmental and various in-house eCALL protocols tests.


Starting with January 2013, we have made eCall MSD interoperability tests with Romanian PSAP,  Germany PSAP and with Netherlands PSAP (structures part of HeERO/HeERO2 European eCall Harmonization Project), with excellent results.


In September 2013, at eCALL TestFest II (ESSEN) we performed 74 tests with 10 PSAP (4 real PSAPs: Croatia, Czech Republic, Luxemburg and Greece, and also, with 6 PSAPs under private development). Also, we performed only one additional test with Italy PSAP (they being at very beginning at that time). We can proudly state: we performed ALL eCALL interoperability tests supported by each PSAP, achieving 100% success rate!



More public information about eCALL solutions, equipments and tests is available at:


eCALL investors target

What we look for:

-          peoples that have a strong lobby in the auto industry (car manufacturers, OEM also manufacturers from the horizontal industry)

-          investors that have the financial power and intention of investing in to the automotive market

-          relationship with car dealers(retrofit market target)


Our strong points:

-          at designing stage we use the following principle: “the lowest production cost and best performances“. We estimate a production price that guarantees a top position related to direct competition and an interesting profit margin, also.

-          the hardware and software design are 100% original. We have the direct connection and support from the electronic components manufacturers. We have the technical capability required for future development. We are technically speaking, really close to the moment of launching into production.

-          the software design follows 100% the current European standards. The hardware platform has been tested for more than 18 months. Support for the implementation of additional services (related to retrofit market).



R&D Software Solutions srl contact


Dragoş Iosub, General Manager

Phone:     +40745611611





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eCALL IVS - letter to investors (English) v1.3.1(pdf).
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